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Boys nowadays?
Walk the cry ✈

Boys nowadays are useless you know. Well maybe not all but some of it are totally useless. Call me "anti-lelaki" or whatsoever, but that's the truth.
Imagine a situation where you just knew a boy and then after 10 minutes he already asked you to be his girlfriends. What the laa kan. You barely knew him and in fact you don't know anything about him. Yelahh, you baru kenal dia kan. Maybe you just know his name, age and his wechat id. LOL.
I don't understand what makes this type of boys so kelam kabut. I won't say he just being straight forward to me. That's ridiculous. It doesn't make sense. Obviously.

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Walk the cry ✈

I apply to take the MUET exam when i was in semester 5. And i have completed all the papers today. It was not easy especially the writing part for Question 2. The ques was like
" The imbalance between the number of boys and girls pursuing university education creates social problems".
I was like OMG. What a question. I took quite a long time to draft my writing just to ensure that i can elaborate my main points as to exceed the 350 words requirements. But it was totally not easy. I have problems to recall what social problems that can be related. I was like blurr. Truly i was. Then i just write, write and write till the finished time. As for the listening, i have problems understanding the speaker ancient. Pheww, dia punya slangg kuat gilaa.
Nahh, what important now its over. So now I can pay full attention for my last semester subjects.
Wish me luck peoples.
Alhamdulillah for today. 
Thanks Allah SWT.

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a piece.
Walk the cry ✈

My emotions are not stable.
Sometimes i really hope that i can be that 'IDC' person. Let them talk pongpangpongpang and never cares about it. NEVER. 
Well i tried to build the wall around me but its hard.
Its hard. Because its impossible to don't care.
I am the sensitive one. I am.

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