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A caliph of Allah. A daughter.
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Rindu yang tidak terucap .
Walk the cry ✈

Tidak dapat diungkap .
Aku senyap kau pun senyap .
Think its gonna berlarutan like this until when when .
Sokayss !
I can handle that .
Though i know it's hurting me .
Ohh how I wish I never fall for you .
Never mind , think there is someone for me out there .
Hopefully  !
Like ustazah said ; when the time has come , he will come to you . You doesn't have to look for him . Everything will run smoothly :")
Put your ultimate faith to Allah and He will listens to you .
So simpan cinta kamu pada orang tidak menghargai dan berikan pada yang berhak .
Cinta itu tanggungjawab .
Bukan melepaskan tanggungjawab .
K aku merepek dahh --"
Bye lahh . Anyeong Haseyo .

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