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I apply to take the MUET exam when i was in semester 5. And i have completed all the papers today. It was not easy especially the writing part for Question 2. The ques was like
" The imbalance between the number of boys and girls pursuing university education creates social problems".
I was like OMG. What a question. I took quite a long time to draft my writing just to ensure that i can elaborate my main points as to exceed the 350 words requirements. But it was totally not easy. I have problems to recall what social problems that can be related. I was like blurr. Truly i was. Then i just write, write and write till the finished time. As for the listening, i have problems understanding the speaker ancient. Pheww, dia punya slangg kuat gilaa.
Nahh, what important now its over. So now I can pay full attention for my last semester subjects.
Wish me luck peoples.
Alhamdulillah for today. 
Thanks Allah SWT.

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